The federal government’s Recovery Board has a lesson for every federal agency that distributes taxpayer money – stay transparent and make sure that recipients do, too.

The Recovery Board, which oversees the $840 billion economic stimulus program and $276 billion in federal contracts, has figured out how to get compliance from companies and state and local government agencies that fail to file their required reporting showing where taxpayer money is going every three months. Keep reading →

The federal budget has been on a roller-coaster ride – and one with some pretty steep drops – for the last few years, and it can seem like the contracting industry can do little but strap in and hold on.

Except, of course, that there are other, very similar clients. Clients who may see a recovery and a spending boom, even as the federal budget continues to decline. Keep reading →

This is the final installment in a series of columns by Recovery Board Chairman Earl Devaney on the lessons he has learned from his work on the Recovery Board, which oversees the $787 billion Recovery program. The column originally appeared at

Having spent nearly four decades in the federal government before taking this job in February 2009, I thought I knew pretty much everything about how the government works. Keep reading →