Are you sure the agency Facebook, YouTube or Twitter account you follow is legit? How do you know it’s an official government account?

Before now, you couldn’t. But now through the efforts of the General Services Administration’s new Social Media Registry you can. Keep reading →

It seems like talk about cloud computing is inescapable for even the average citizen these days. But what about those people whose jobs are inextricably woven into the cloud? Malcolm Jackson, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently sat down with Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER to discuss how cloud computing is changing the very role of federal CIOs and how the government approaches technology.

Jackson says that cloud computing has allowed CIOs to shift their focus from commodity IT services, which they can contract with vendors to provide, to more mission critical areas and systems. CIOs can now engage more deeply with business processes to maximize productivity, streamline work and provide greater value to agencies. For instance, Jackson indicated that cloud computing enables him to think about how to more strategically use data and information-sharing to drive down costs and help his agency become more efficient in achieving its mission. Keep reading →

The New York State legislature is debating a bill that, if passed, will give recourse to victims of hurtful or derogatory forum comments made by anonymous users on New York-based newspaper, blog, and company websites.

“A web site administrator upon request,” the Internet Protection Act reads, “shall remove any comments posted on his or her web site by an anonymous user unless such poster agrees to attach his or her name to the post…” Keep reading →

When you think of Pinterest, your initial perception might be people planning their future weddings, posting their perfect wardrobes, and pinning up their dream homes.

But is there a place on this social network for government? The answer is yes, according to many GovLoop community members. Keep reading →

With Baby Boomers exiting the workforce and budgets becoming increasingly strained, there will continue to be a high level of employee turnover in every sector — and government is no exception.

High attrition rates are often considered negative indicators of an agency’s health, but last week GovLoop blogger Doris Tirone wondered: “Is there an upside to high turnover?” Keep reading →

New parents are often thrilled and excited during the first weeks of parenthood, but once the maternity and paternity leave runs out, there can be some disconcerting decisions — especially when it comes to going back to work. With American mores changing, both mothers and fathers now have to deal with the challenges of work/life balance.

But does having a child mean that a parent needs to pass on a promotion – or give up time with a child in order to advance his or her career? Keep reading →

If you were to ask someone off the street “who is Jeremy Lin?” a couple of weeks ago, chances are they would have no idea who you were talking about. Now this New York Knicks basketball player is an instant NBA legend, and fans and non-fans alike have gone “Linsane” over his success.

GovLoop member Pat Fiorenza dug deeper, asking the community: what leadership lessons can we learn from Jeremy Lin? Fiorenza suggested several lessons, such as “hard work is contagious”, “admitting failure and what you need to improve” and “shine in adversity.” Keep reading →

They say the clothes make the man, but could the clothes make … the office?
What about team building exercises? Or lunch outings? Or open door policies?

How do you define culture at your office? Keep reading →

Let’s face it. Not everyone you work with on every project is going to be a super star and it’s unreasonable to expect that you will get along perfectly with every member of your team.

So how should a Federal manager deal with under-performing or “dysfunctional” team members? Keep reading →

‘Investing in your future’ is a catch phrase you have heard before as a professional seeking to advance your career — and it begs the question: what should you be investing in? One of the common responses is ‘education.’

Some say that without a degree, it’s much harder not only to get a high-paying job, but any job at all. Maybe they’re right. Keep reading →

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