Time to Face the Music: TARP Update and the Fiscal Cliff
Live Webcast Wednesday, Dec. 12 @ Noon ET

The implementation of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) turned a lot of heads, not so much because the government was offering financial assistance, but because it did so at such an enormous scale. While opponents criticized the bailout for its enduring burden on taxpayers, supporters pointed to its necessity in order to keep the failing economy afloat. Now in its third year, many are left wondering: how successful has the program been and what unforeseen consequences emerged because of it?

Join host Eric Kavanagh for this episode of Federal Spending to hear former TARP regulator Amy Poster review the program’s successes and shortcomings. She will also discuss the looming “fiscal cliff” and what its implications could mean for the economy. She will be joined by Bloor Group Analyst and former operations manager Jessica Marie, who will shed light on TARP’s impact on small and mid-sized banks. Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst at The Bloor Group, will offer some perspective on the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing programs, and what impact they may have had on inflating the overall value of the stock market.