Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS) has launched its first external component of ‘Accelerating Productivity,’ an initiative centered around driving greater value, expertise and services through optimization and exceptional service.

‘Accelerating Productivity’ consists of leveraging key expertise to deliver tangible, innovative solutions to address a client’s most urgent business needs. To accomplish this, the company focuses on streamlining repeatable tasks, shrinking project timelines, and maintaining the company’s high standard of quality.

This latest ‘Accelerating Productivity’ initiative is centered on five industry groups:

“This vertically-focused approach is a key driver toward our larger goal of ‘Accelerating Productivity,’” said DISYS’ CEO, Mahfuz Ahmed. “Our concerted focus on each industry allows us to provide top value to each market, to serve our clients needs now and to help them maximize their returns and overall productivity as they evolve in the future.”

By keeping apprised of critical advances and innovations in out clients’ respective businesses, we are able to maximize their business productivity enterprise-wide. DISYS’ industry approach focuses on the following areas:

  • Customized solutions to keep pace with the myriad of ways clients are approaching transitions;
  • Scalability to effectively manage growth amidst a rapidly-changing business landscape; and
  • Improved cost performance and efficient resolution of critical infrastructure challenges while reducing overall operating expenses.

For more information about DISYS and it’s ‘Accelerate Productivity’ approach, please visit

About Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS)

Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS) is a global managed services and staffing firm with 33 offices worldwide specializing in Managed Staffing Services, Agile Services, Application Development Services, Business Intelligence Services, Cloud Enablement Services and Enterprise Resource Planning. DISYS’ vision is to be a global business partner, delivering the highest quality and most consistent services at the best value to clients worldwide. For more information about DISYS, visit


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