The Syrian government has launched a major offensive to regain control of the Hama to Aleppo supply route and the key city of Al-Safira in northern Syria, according to an update posted by Valerie Szybala and Charlie Caris, analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Al-Safira is an important city for several reasons: it is a key location on the regime’s alternate supply route to Aleppo, in close proximity to the Kuweires military airbase, the Nayrab military airbase and Aleppo International Airport; and the outskirts of al-Safira are home to some of Syria’s biggest chemical weapons research, production and storage facilities.

The Syrian regime has moved into position and launched a devastating campaign of air strikes and bombardments, according to the ISW analysts. But the rebel forces have been reinforced and the battle in the al-Safira region is currently ongoing. If the regime is able to gain control of al-Safira, it will provide an important supply route and create the potential for future gains in northern Syria.

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