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Gen. Keith B. Alexander, Commander of US Cyber Command and Director of the National Security Agency addressed a standing room only crowd at the just-concluded 2012 GEOINT Symposium Oct. 11. The symposium is the nation’s largest intelligence event of the year.

During his remarks, Alexander highlighted the continuing challenges the nation faces combating cyber attacks, including the need for better training and for clearer authority for how and when the Defense Department should step in during emerging national cyber threats.

He also discussed his encounter earlier this month with the Chamber of Commerce on the escalating level of attacks that private enterprises continue to encounter. It was not exactly friendly territory, Alexander note.

The Chamber played a major role in derailing the passage of important cybersecurity legislation that Alexander and many others had strongly supported. Read more on Alexander’s meeting, at our affiliate site, Breaking Defense.

Alexander outlined a variety of measures that NSA and USCybercom are actively working on. Among them is the need to do a better job bringing together those who are skilled in operating networks with the specialty teams who have the expertise to detecting sophisticated exploits.

He also reemphasized the”need to work with industry,” to share intelligence about cyber threats. That does not mean, he stressed, having “government stepping in” and interfering with the work the private sector.