People To Watch: Greg Gershman

on September 06, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Greg Gershman was selected as a Presidential Innovation Fellow for Project MyGov as part of the new White House Presidential Innovation Fellows program.

The program pairs top innovators from the private sector, nonprofits, and academia with top innovators in government to collaborate on solutions that aim to deliver significant results in six months.

The purpose of Project MyGov is to reimagine how citizens interact with government through an experience designed around their needs rather than a confusing and fragmented bureaucracy.


This is one in a series introducing 18 Fellows working on five initiatives that are part of the White House Presidential Innovation Fellows program.


Gershman is an experienced software developer and entrepreneur who is passionate about bringing new ideas to life with technology.

He most recently worked as a consultant to the General Services Administration on USASearch, where he made government content easier to find and helped to bring agile and lean startup methodologies to the federal government.

Previously, he founded Blogdigger, one of the first blog search engines, which was acquired by Odeo. Gershman then began a career as an independent software development consultant, using his experience in startups to help others quickly and effectively build new businesses and bring their ideas to life.

Gershman received his Master’s degree in Computer Science from The Johns Hopkins University. Greg grew up in Gaithersburg, MD, and lives in Baltimore with his wife Penny and their three children.

Follow him on Twitter at @greggersh.