U.S. Chief Information Officer Todd Park talks about Health Datapalooza: A Model Of Innovation. The U.S. Census Bureau says Imagination at Work! Unleash Your Creativity With Our Census API.

Both deal with data. But which should it be: Innovation or creativity or both?

It’s question that deserves more than casual considering, and one I’m currently giving thought to for the upcoming Breaking Gov 38 Degrees Unleashing the Power of Government Data, Sept. 19, in Washington, DC.

It’s worth comparing the definitions. Wikipedia says: Keep reading →

Portion of infographic from the The Guardian. Download the PDF.

Those in the data community looking for new ways to express complex concepts might find this “Atlas of Olympic success”, visualized for the Guardian newspaper, to be a great example.

This graphic, by Paul Scruton, Kari Pedersen and John Burn-Murdoch answers the question: How do you show the thousands of medals (12,989 to be exact) which have been won at the Olympics without the interactivity of the web? You can download this as a PDF and print it out. Keep reading →

Armchair NASA fans, as well as science enthusiasts, will appreciate NASA’s latest mobile app –the Visualization Explorer App –which takes the stunning and beautiful Earth science visualizations captured from NASA’s fleet of research spacecraft and puts them directly into peoples’ hands.

“NASA satellites beam data from space; now the agency is beaming it straight to your iPad,” said media specialists at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., in releasing the new iPad app yesterday. The application is free to the public and available from the App Store via iTunes. Keep reading →