Personal identity verification cards required for all federal employees and contractors will now be easier to use and more secure thanks to new draft standards just released by National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The changes incorporate the latest round of comments and revisions aimed at updating the original 2005 standard. “In 2011, we had our first draft,” said Hildegard Ferraiolo, a computer scientist with NIST. “We got about 1200 comments.” Keep reading →

While jobless numbers look bleak, economic reports point to a deeper recession and President Obama pushes a reluctant Congress to pass his jobs plan, thousands of GovLoop members have recently found success launching and advancing their careers through new tools offered by the social network for public sector employees.

GovLoop reports growing participation in free online training programs, resume guidance and a pilot Mentors Program that made more than 50 matches over an eight-week period. Keep reading →