It’s fair to say that John Lehman is the most influential Navy Secretary of the last half century. Under President Ronald Reagan, Lehman “had an almost revolutionary impact on the Navy,” according to naval expert Norm Polmar. Lehman drove hard and pushed to build what has become known as the 600-ship Navy. Lehman knows how a… Keep reading →

Rep. Randy Forbes Rips 2016 Request: A ‘Wish List’


WASHINGTON: The Republican congressman who oversees the Navy actually likes Barack Obama’s 2016 defense budget — except for one small thing: It isn’t really a budget. “It would be almost a misnomer to call this a budget. It’s [just] numbers,” Rep. Randy Forbes told me this morning, in advance of tomorrow’s budget hearing. “If you… Keep reading →

“We’re long past the point of doing more with less,” said the blunt-spoken Under Secretary of the Navy, Robert Work. “We are going to be doing less with less in the future.”

But with a continuing resolution, sequestration in three weeks, and to-be-determined defense cuts a likely part of any “grand bargain” to avert the fiscal cliff, how much less is maddeningly unclear. So it’s impossible to make intelligent plans or choices. Keep reading →

The Army’s migration to an enterprise-wide email system, after years of false starts and execution detours, is gaining significant momentum and appears on track to hit the 1.4 million user mark by March 31, Army program officials told AOL Government.

While enterprise email and communications systems are taken for granted at most organizations, Army soldiers and civilians – and most military personnel – have had to get by without the convenience of having a single globally-accessible email account, capable of communicating sensitive information securely anywhere in the world. Keep reading →

Little doubt remains that the Pentagon budget will flatten or contract in coming years. Scaling back on performance and adopting a more austere approach to meeting the country’s evolving defense needs are viewed as a necessary consequence.

It is less understood that defense spending has experienced price inflation that dwarfs other industries and the economy as a whole. Keep reading →

The Navy’s new ship network system may go online later than expected, if service officials press ahead with a $102 million cut to the program’s budget, the Navy officer leading the effort said today.

The service is considering a $102 million reduction to the Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES) program, as part of its yet-to-be released five-year budget plan, Program Manager Capt. Didier LeGoff said today.

The CANES system will replace the disparate command, control and communication systems currently on board Navy ships, and put those vessels under a single, uniform network.