Mike Rogers

Commercial industry needs to step up and share more information about cyber attacks on its networks with Federal agencies responsible for cyber defense government officials said at a cybersecurity event in Washington this week.

Cyber attacks are showing increasing sophistication across the board – from basement hackers to foreign intelligence agencies, said Sean Kanuck, national intelligence officer for the National Intelligence Council during a daylong INSA Cyber Innovation Symposium Sept. 26. Keep reading →

The risks from cyber attacks are not new. In fact, they’ve been around for about two decades. Warnings about the national security threat from cyber attacks are not new either.

What is new is the harsh tone of the warning messages that have been released lately. Keep reading →

Cyber intelligence has emerged as the single most critical element in cyber defense. The private sector owns and operates the vast majority of the U.S. critical infrastructure which has become a high value target for those who wish to harm the United States. In addition, the private sector produces a substantive portion of the technology used to defend the nation, which if compromised could be very damaging.

On Dec. 1, 2011 the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers introduced what is being called a ground-breaking piece of legislation. Keep reading →