Federal Web Managers Council

A recent interesting study by the Sunlight Foundation states that Twitter “has become an important tool for social revolutions and civilian mobilization” worldwide. It also says that Twitter has been “embraced” by the U.S. Government, notably the U.S. State Department through its embassies.

The Sunlight study suggests that embassy use of Twitter is “largely an organic process, and one that has outpaced headquarters.” I would say that throughout the U.S. Government, use of new media is an organic process, just as the move to the web was such a process in the last decade. Keep reading →

The federal government’s chief information officer, Steven VanRoekel, said his office, the Federal CIO Council, the Federal Web Managers Council, and various agencies have “hit the ground running and are already hard at work” implementing the Obama Administration’s new Digital Government Strategy formally announced May 23.

Writing in a White House blog posted last night, VanRoekel said: Keep reading →