Fresh off of a splashy announcement of the new federal digital strategy in New York, Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel and Federal Chief Technology Officer Todd Park described some of the details of the plan on home turf Thursday.

The pair addressed about 200 government insiders at an event hosted by the ACT-IAC and AFFIRM in a Department of Interior auditorium. (Watch the recorded video.) Keep reading →

As part of a plan to upgrade technology and support a mobile workforce, Federal Aviation Administration inspectors are taking part in a pilot project using iPads to conduct safety checks on airline carriers.

About 50 of the FAA’s 3,300 inspectors are testing the mobile devices in a six-month pilot project across a range of airports, FAA’s Chief Technology Officer Douglas Roseboro told Breaking Gov. Keep reading →

U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park told millions of Twitter followers today that skillful use of “big data” can help patients understand their health status and provide insights into how to improve their own health.

In conjuction with Big Data Week, he answered questions from around the world, focusing on practical applications for large aggregations of data, particularly in the health care field. Parks, who previously held the CTO post at HHS, said privacy concerns are surmountable and that the widespread dissemination of the information can help individuals to care for themselves, as well as helping medical professionals provide better care. Keep reading →

The explosion of records across the government, including those generated by emerging technologies and social media, is putting new pressures on federal information managers.

The primary challenge is managing the onslaught of records in a new environment, Alan Linden, a senior technology consultant at Electronic Image Designers, said Thursday at the annual FOSE convention in Washington, D.C. Keep reading →

David Gardy for FedEdTV and TV Worldwide interviewed Travis Howerton and Anil Karmel, both CTOs at the National Nuclear Security Administration on the exposition floor at the annual FOSE conference in Washington, D.C. this week.

Among topics they discussed were cybersecurity, cloud computing and mobility. Keep reading →