Cloud First

Cloud computing isn’t just about technology – it is about transformation, leadership and change. When it comes to government IT, cloud is typically 80% of the discussion, but only 20% of the budget.

With the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) 18-month “Cloud First” deadline passing in June and the federal government hoping to accredit three cloud service providers under FedRAMP by the end of 2012, cloud computing is at the forefront of government IT. Keep reading →

Security, mobility and social networking are driving a new vision within the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) that’s led the department to embrace cloud computing.

This fall, the component within the Department of Energy that is responsible for the security and reliability of the nation’s stockpile of nuclear weapons will begin rolling out a major component of its new Network Vision – YourCloud. Keep reading →

One year after Cloud First, federal agencies are embracing the cloud. But they want it to be safer and more transparent. Above all, they don’t want to be locked into just one kind of cloud or a nothing-but-cloud approach.

That’s what we found in an exclusive survey conducted for by the Ponemon Institute. The survey found that federal managers are working diligently to comply with the Office of Management and Budget’s Cloud First initiative, but are not yet convinced cloud applications are safe enough or will lead to significant cost savings. Keep reading →