David McClure calls the General Services Administration’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies (OCSIT) “a little sparkplug igniting innovation all across government.”

Indeed, OCSIT’s just-released 2012 annual report, “More for Mission,” serves as a 51-page catalogue for the office’s multi-pronged push for innovation in technology in the federal government. Keep reading →

The federal government is gaining traction in the mobile application arena with the launch of a redesigned version of the and mobile apps galleries on Wednesday. The new design, developed by the General Services Administration, makes it easier for users to access apps and mobile sites via their preferred smartphone, tablet or operating system.

It’s called Responsive Design, and it’s intended to connect with the public in many new ways. The design also presents content based on the device, providing device-specific apps for BlackBerries, Android, iPhone and iPad users. And it’s a road map for other agencies embracing mobile apps. Keep reading →

The mobile website allows users to estimate their car’s fuel mileage per gallon and other information related to their vehicle’s fuel usage. according to the Mobile Gov blog

The mobile website is maintained by the U.S. Department of Energy and is accessible on any phone that has web browser functionality. Keep reading →

Armchair NASA fans, as well as science enthusiasts, will appreciate NASA’s latest mobile app –the Visualization Explorer App –which takes the stunning and beautiful Earth science visualizations captured from NASA’s fleet of research spacecraft and puts them directly into peoples’ hands.

“NASA satellites beam data from space; now the agency is beaming it straight to your iPad,” said media specialists at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., in releasing the new iPad app yesterday. The application is free to the public and available from the App Store via iTunes. Keep reading →

QuitStart, the 100th mobile app to appear in’s Apps Gallery, was created by the National Cancer Institute to help people stop smoking.

The mobile app provides help with tracking smoking cravings and moods and monitoring progress toward achieving smokefree milestones. Keep reading →

In an effort to better serve the public through technology, the government is seeking ideas from the public on how to improve federal websites.

Beginning 9 a.m. Monday, will list times and subjects for two weeks of daily dialog-a-thons to gather the public’s ideas. There will be one-hour sessions of specific topics such as Social Security. Keep reading → hosts nationwide hackathon on URL shortener via @govfesh @digiphile   macon44