U.S. Export-Import Bank

COMMENTARY: For quite some time now, Americans have been hearing about the dire state of infrastructure in the US. It’s clear that traditional sources of funding new projects and repairs are struggling to keep the nation’s infrastructure from falling apart, let alone thrive. What isn’t as clear is how to fix it.

Formula grants distributed through the Highway Trust Fund have long been the preferred way to fund infrastructure. But the inefficiency of earmarks and the decrease in revenues from the gas tax are posing significant challenges for this funding model. Keep reading →

It’s an all-too-familiar refrain in the United States these days: “Solar is too expensive.”

Supporters of solar power have long had to face the argument that conventional energy sources are simply cheaper. This economic reality is a substantial portion of what underlies the sizable government subsidies to solar companies such as Solyndra in the U.S., and why the Chinese government is vigorously subsidizing its own solar industry. Keep reading →