Internet co-creator Vint Cerf argues that discontent, the ability to fail, and the environment where managers can say “yes” are among the key ingredients for leaders to foster innovation in government.

Let me start by making an observation: Progress doesn’t happen unless somebody is discontented. Keep reading →

In the first of a series of columns on the lessons he has learned as Chairman of the Recovery Board, Earl E. Devaney describes how the Board’s fraud prevention program has encouraged federal investigators and agencies to work closely together.

Everybody loves a comfort zone. There’s no risk, no surprises. But sometimes, to succeed, it’s necessary to adjust your thinking and do things differently. The development of the Recovery Board’s oversight plan for the $787 billion stimulus program is a case in point.First, some background: In February 2009, the President appointed me to serve as Chairman of the Recovery Board, a job that requires a sustained commitment to transparency and accountability. Keep reading →

Obama enters the Twittersphere