Tim Hoechst

Fueled by the widespread adoption of increasingly powerful mobile devices, we are in the midst of one of the most exciting technology eras ever. Half of American adults now own smartphones and over 20% are already using tablets. This pace of adoption is unprecedented as the first Apple iPhone was only introduced five years ago with the Apple iPad arriving in just the past two years.

The rapid emergence of this mass market has shattered the cost constraints for going mobile for every organization, including government agencies. For a technology geek like myself, what’s most exciting is the opportunity this creates to untether knowledge workers from the desktop so that they can be equally effective in the field. Keep reading →

The future of federal technology spending may not be as bleak as current government budget cutbacks seem to suggest, a group of former government information technology officials suggested at a Federal IT forum today.

But changes in the type of technology services agencies are acquiring, the way they acquire them, compounded by election year uncertainty, are forcing contractors to reassess their strategies. Keep reading →