The Economist

In this video, Mari Maeda of DARPA describes scenarios in which using data has helped soldiers do their job.

The video is from The Economist magazine’s Ideas Economy: Information 2012 event in San Francisco, California. Keep reading →

2011 could very well be called “Year of the Cyber Attack” given the thousands of reported and unreported hacking events. There is no doubt cyber threats facing governments and companies have certainly increased, but they’ve been met by host of powerful new ways to respond to them. Like a sickness to the body, industry and government have been working hard to build immunity with varying degrees of success.

Virtualization and cloud strategies now allow large and small companies to manage their data architecture with a flexibility that was impossible a few years ago. New collaboration software allows them to share documents more reliably on secure storage spaces. Modern data centers allow them to make their data continuously available to those who should have access to it, and invisible to those who don’t. The exponential growth of mobile devices drives an exponential growth in security risks. Keep reading →