The epic shift to cloud computing and need to process massive volumes of data are spurring a high-stakes race to build global data center capacity while making information available on whatever kind of device consumers want it, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told a group of Northern Virginia technology executives Thursday.

“We need to think of data center capacity in real time,” he said, as part of Microsoft’s broader bet that businesses and government will use a combination of public and private clouds in the future, Ballmer said. He made comment in a series of wide ranging remarks about how technology is changing and the implications that will have for individuals, businesses, and government during an industry breakfast in McLean, Va., hosted by the Northern Virginia Technology Council. Keep reading →

COMMENTARY: I keep hearing and reading that Google and Facebook are changing their polices about handling our personal information and that the White House, Congress, consumer groups, regulators, and their millions of users are concerned.

Then I heard a recent interview with Facebook founder Mark Zucherberg that asks him if he thinks that Google is trying to compete with Facebook and his answers are evasive and so I know that the interviewer is on to something. Keep reading →