Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board

This is an installment in a series of columns that originally appeared at about the ongoing efforts of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board and its oversight of the $840 billion Recovery program.

The Department of Energy is a major player in the $840 billion economic stimulus program. Indeed, the Department has received more than $35 billion to support science, energy and environmental projects along with the authority to make or guarantee another $52 billion in energy-related loans. Put simply, that amount of funding makes the Energy Department one of the largest federal agency recipients of Recovery Act funds. Keep reading →

David Gardy for FedEdTV and TV Worldwide interviewed Shawn Kingsberry, CTO for the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board on the exposition floor at the annual FOSE conference in Washington, D.C. this week. Kingsberry talked about the board’s innovative use of hybrid cloud infrastructure and the challenges associated with the task. Keep reading →

The combination of social media and transparency in federal spending adds up to boatloads of data. But what impact do these forces have on federal policy? Perhaps more to the point: Is policy driving change, or is change driving policy?

Social media experts John Crupi, chief technology officer for JackBe, and Gov20LA founder Alan Silberberg joined host Eric Kavanagh on the latest episode of Federal Spending — an online radio broadcast designed to follow the money, not the politics — to discuss how social media and the push for transparency are shaping government policy and process. Keep reading →

The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board’s new leader took the reins just a few weeks ago, but has already moved full speed ahead using cutting edge strategies for tracking federal spending, increasing government transparency and doggedly pursuing fraud detection and mismanagement.

Kathleen Tighe, who took over as board chair of the young agency Jan. 1 after Earl Devaney’s retirement, brings her experience in government accountability as Inspector General for the Education Department to the task of overseeing $840 billion in stimulus funds unleashed in 2009. Keep reading →