IT Dashboard

Earlier today, The White House updated the IT Dashboard, sharing publicly for the first time detailed IT investment information in support of the President’s FY 2013 Budget.
This article was originally published earlier today in a blog posted on The White House Office of Management and Budget Website by Federal CIO Steve VanRoekel.

The Administration first launched the IT Dashboard back in 2009 as part of our effort to create a more transparent and open government. By publicly posting data on more than 700 IT investments across the Federal government, we armed agencies with the tools needed to reduce duplication in IT spending, strengthen the accountability of agency CIOs, and provide more accurate and detailed information on projects and activities. We also gave Americans an unprecedented window into how their tax dollars were being spent. Keep reading →

Federal spending on information technology is scheduled to decrease by 1.2%, or about $586 million, in the next fiscal year, according to the president’s fiscal year 2013 budget, with most of the reduction coming from cuts in the Department of Defense. Keep reading →

Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel today announced a new set of initiatives to spur broader adoption of mobile technology for the federal government, calling 2012 “the year of mobile government.”

Speaking at a government conference held at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, VanRoekel described a new 2012 “Roadmap for Federal Mobility” that would put an emphasis on governance, sharing technologies wherever possible, and collaborating with the private sector to accelerate adoption. Keep reading →

Federal government efforts to identify and track federal information technology investments remain insufficient to curtail duplicative spending, according to the latest in a series of a reports released by the Government Accountability Office critical of government IT spending practices.

The GAO report, released Oct. 27, took primary aim at the the White House Office of Management and Budget, and the way it categorizes and tracks IT investments, citing a number of principle shortcomings, although those familiar with OMB’s operating levers note the problem goes beyond OMB. Keep reading →

Someone suggested I review the new IBM Center for The Business of Government report on Use of Dashboards in Government by Sukumar Ganapati, Florida International University, pointing out one irony off the bat: There aren’t a lot of examples of dashboard illustrations in this report. So I first decided to create a dashboard of this PDF report in my social knowledgebase and use it to analyze the report, and reference all of my dashboard work relating to most of the examples in this report.

The report lists the following 11 dashboards (with links to my 7 recreated dashboards added): Keep reading →