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US Government agencies often face a Catch-22 trying to adopt innovative technologies: Procurement rules designed to promote fairness can effectively preclude federal buyers from seeing – or influencing – developments that could eventually help agencies work more effectively.

The Defense Department and intelligence agencies, of course, have been fueling innovative technologies on their own for decades. But as commercial markets have exploded with new ideas, and learned to bring those ideas to market with greater speed, government agencies increasingly find themselves racing to keep up with innovations in the commercial sector. Keep reading →

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, speaking to nearly 1,000 technology executives in Northern Virginia earlier today, called on the federal government and the nation at large to re-embrace a national spirit of innovation, or risk seeing the decline of nation’s global economic and political stature.

“If we are to remain the strongest nation on Earth, we must remain the most innovative nation on Earth,” he said. Keep reading →