In a move suggesting how quickly cloud computing is becoming part of the government IT mainstream, the Office of Management and Budget is requiring agencies to itemize their cloud computing initiatives in fiscal 2014 budget plans.

The emphasis on cloud computing comes within the larger context of planned cuts to information technology spending. The guidance formalizes prior notices for agencies to “propose reductions in IT that represent 10% of their overall spending, and propose a reinvestment of at least 5%, and up to 10%, of these savings, in priority IT investments for OMB consideration.” Keep reading →

Cloud computing leaders from the governments of Canada, China, Japan and the United States pledged their continued international cooperation to fulfill cloud computing‘s potential to transform public services worldwide.

The leaders made their comments, while also touching on a range of legal, security and data standards issues during an executive session at the 5th annual Cloud Computing Forum & Workshop, sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Tuesday. Keep reading →