Former Federal CIO Vivek Kundra, speaking in his new role as an executive for Salesforce.com, told the IT community today that powerful social networking applications are helping organizations interact with employees and customers in new dimensions, spurring a worldwide social enterprise revolution.

Kundra, who served as master of ceremonies for a two-hour presentation at a cloud computing event in Washington, D.C., showed an audience of about 2,000 gathered at the Washington Convention Center how leading corporations are incorporating applications that tap into a variety of social networking platforms to engage employees and customers. Keep reading →

For Teri Takai, the key to overseeing cybersecurity for the world’s largest defense organization is striking a delicate balance between enabling mobility and safe-guarding information that is often crucial to national security. In her role as the Department of Defense’s chief information officer, she must also convince a widely diverse group of constituents that a shared approach is best.

DOD has always had a highly mobile workforce, but the proliferation of mobile devices is radically altering the department’s already challenging security environment.
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Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) is no stranger to the government technology community. As founder and managing director of Columbia Capital, a venture capital firm, he helped found or invest in a number of technology companies, including Nextel.

So it was a logical leap when Warner reached out to the Northern Virginia Technology Council in 2010, asking for recommendations for remedying the major record-keeping deficiencies discovered at Arlington National Cemetery. Keep reading →

Three chief technology officers from the government contracting community were singled out for their innovation at the 20th annual TechCelebration event sponsored by a leading trade association, the Northern Virginia Technology Council.

The CTO awards, presented jointly by NVTC and Washington Technology magazine last night, recognize chief technology officers for their critical contributions to achieving results for their government customers and their leadership within their own companies. Keep reading →

In the next four years, wireless carriers will need to find a way to transmit more than 30 times the volume of data than their networks carry today.

How they’ll succeed in meeting that demand, given the world’s rapidly increasing dependence on wireless communications and the limits of available spectrum, represents one of the great challenges for engineers. It’s also a central question for business and government executives planning for a more enabled mobile workforce. Keep reading →

Hewlett-Packard’s announcement on Aug. 18 that it planned to abandon tablets and smart phones, and explore a possible sale of its PC business in favor of software and services led many on Wall Street to question the company’s grand strategy and future valuation.

But throughout the federal government, where the world’s largest IT company is also one of the two most popular providers of desktop computers, the three main questions on the minds of IT managers are: will a decision by HP to sell its Personal Systems Group (PSG) impact my agency? Will my HP desktop investment look dramatically different in the near future? And, should federal IT decision makers be nervous about HP’s drastic change of course? Keep reading →