For those tasked with managing risk throughout the enterprise, and who follow my blog postings, you’re familiar with a theme I stress often regarding information security best practices: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

For practitioners and managers tasked with enterprise risk management, you can apply this approach to all your decision-making, whether you’re looking to make new technology purchases, implement new policies, and, perhaps most importantly, hiring new people. Keep reading →

Despite some notable improvements over the past year by the Office of Personnel Management to streamline the process for federal hiring, federal job seekers are still often frustrated with, overwhelmed by or puzzled over the complex federal hiring process.

Agency recruiters and prospective job seekers may find at least some insights in how to more successfully navigate that process in a new book, “Find Your Federal Job Fit.” Keep reading →

The federal government’s centralized job site, USAJobs.gov, is in the final stages of a sweeping overhaul that will reduce a chronic complaint by applicants–the need to re-enter profile data–and give federal manages a better picture of potential candidates.

When it debuts officially October 13, the new version of USAJobs.gov will also represent a significant step forward in data security and integration, according to Angela Bailey, associate director of employee services, at the Office of Personnel Management, which maintains the jobs site. Keep reading →

What benefit does LinkedIn have for federal government employers looking to hire and government employees looking to be hired, either in the private sector or in government?

Plenty. Keep reading →