Government Information and Analytics Summit

Mobile technology is poised to radically change the global economy by eliminating many jobs and entire industries. But this shift to virtual tools, documents and services will also create a host of new opportunities that will literally be at users’ fingertips.

This brave new wireless world will have a profound impact on public and private sector organizations, said Michael Saylor, chief executive officer of Microstrategy and author of “The Mobile Wave-How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything.” Keep reading →

Large-scale software and database tools can help private firms and federal agencies verify identities and avoid fraud, even in this online age of fake personas and criminals who front companies online.

Although known as a consumer credit reporting agency, Equifax uses such tools to verify identities as a key part of the credit checking process. Rich Huffman, senior director of product management at Equifax explained the process at this week’s Government Information and Analytics Summit in Washington, D.C. Keep reading →

In tight fiscal times, federal agencies need to embrace changing technology, focus on attracting and retaining the next generation of workers and striking a balance between information sharing and security. To reach these goals, organizations need to foster a culture of trust and speed, a senior Defense Department official said.

David Wennergren, assistant deputy chief management officer for the Department of Defense, cited Stephen Covey’s book Speed Of Trust in his keynote speech at the Government Information and Analytics Summit in Washington D.C., this week. Keep reading →