Government Executive

“We’re long past the point of doing more with less,” said the blunt-spoken Under Secretary of the Navy, Robert Work. “We are going to be doing less with less in the future.”

But with a continuing resolution, sequestration in three weeks, and to-be-determined defense cuts a likely part of any “grand bargain” to avert the fiscal cliff, how much less is maddeningly unclear. So it’s impossible to make intelligent plans or choices. Keep reading →

A government laptop stolen from the home of a VA data analyst in 2006 contained Social Security numbers and other personal information for 26.5 million veterans and active duty troops.

A class action suit brought by veterans groups was later settled by the agency for $20 million. Keep reading →

One of the great lures of a career in government has been the promise of a relatively certain if not a generous retirement program.

But many federal employees are having to confront an alternative scenario as more than a dozen agencies are now seeking to reduce their payrolls with buyout and early out packages. Keep reading →