Though efforts to consolidate government IT services have failed in the past, experts indicated at a summit on the topic Monday that those lessons will contribute to the ultimate success of the more recent and updated approach known as shared services.

Nearly 200 industry and government executives gathered to learn about the business case for shared IT services and governing the process toward the effort at the Government Information Technology Executive Council (GITEC) Summit in Baltimore, Maryland. Keep reading →

Federal CIO Steve VanRoekel is expected to release the details this week of a long-awaited digital strategy document, laying out his vision and direction for how federal agencies should expect to use information and mobile technologies moving into the future.

Agency CIOs and others who’ve seen the document aren’t saying what’s in it. And VanRoekel didn’t tip his hand Sunday evening during a keynote speech to a group of government and contracting executives gathered in Baltimore to attend the Government Information Technology Executive Council (GITEC) summit. Keep reading →

Government has never lacked for big ideas. Getting them accomplished has been another story, although the nation’s interstate highway system, the Internet and landing men on the moon are among just a few examples of where the federal government has succeeded in doing amazing things.

One of the big–if not quite so lofty–ideas now being floated in planning discussions among senior IT leaders at the Office of Management and Budget, is a long term view towards developing a government-wide entity to supply the back office computing systems and core business services for federal agencies. Keep reading →