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A recent report from Navigant Research analyzes the global market for energy-efficient port operations, with a focus on natural gas drayage trucks and shore electricity power, including forecasts that extend through 2024. The transfer of goods is an essential part of the global economy, and ports are a primary mechanism for moving cargo from ships… Keep reading →

Never a line, never a wait – puts you first. The theme of the new advertising campaign uses a light-hearted approach to illustrate how every Texan can feel like a VIP when they take care of their driving business online. In fact, millions of Texans already trust the official state website that puts… Keep reading →

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) has released an upgrade to the highly popular Maryland Practice Driving Test mobile app that includes a Spanish-language version of the test for both the iOS and Android platforms. The Maryland Practice Driving Test is a free and convenient tool to prepare future drivers for the knowledge test required… Keep reading →

The growing national battle to curb unlicensed and unregulated taxi providers took a new direction today when a group of Chicago taxi owners, drivers and the Illinois Transportation Trade Association (ITTA) filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Chicago. The lawsuit, the first in the nation against a city, claims that by failing to… Keep reading →

Tomorrow, the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation will host a summit on how technology can be used to minimize distracted driving. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® will contribute to a panel discussion on “The State of Distracted Driving.” The panel will examine what government and industry stakeholders are currently doing to address… Keep reading →

Self-driving vehicles have been imagined for many years, and several high-profile autonomous vehicle research and development programs have shown that the technology is getting closer to market readiness in recent years. With the advent of more accurate global positioning system navigation, as well as onboard sensors and the associated advanced driver assistance systems, cars now… Keep reading →

The Japanese automakers’ long-term investments in the United States continue to positively impact the overall U.S. economy and benefit a wide range of workers, both those in the auto industry and many more in related industries. Utilizing recently released data Rutgers University professor Thomas Prusa finds that the Japanese auto industry is responsible for 1.36… Keep reading →