For weeks now rumors have been circulating about the White House working to draft an executive order, which will put in place cybersecurity measures to protect the critical infrastructure of the United States.

A glimpse of the draft’s intent was released in news reports in recent days, including a Washington Post report, which among other points, noted that the plans called for voluntary standards. Keep reading →

When it comes to cybersecurity and assurance measures designed to protect sensitive digital assets few people would argue that the risks of attack and compromise has increased sharply over the past few years.

For example, computer security giant McAfee released their 2010 Q3 Threats Report and in it they reported that on average 60,000 new malware threats were identified each day. In their 2011 Q1 Threat Report 6 million unique pieces of malware were recorded. This was the most active quarter in malware history. These figures clearly indicate the severity of the current cyber threat. Keep reading →