The Department of Homeland Security’s chief information officer today said DHS had made significant strides in rebalancing its over-reliance on contractors to manage DHS’s information technology projects.

When Richard Spires took the CIO helm at DHS two years ago and began a detailed review of more than 80 department IT projects, he soon realized that 110 employees was far too few in number, compared to the 1,500 outside contractors DHS was relying on, to manage DHS’s portfolio of $6.4 billion in IT projects. Keep reading →

Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) predicted the chances that Congress will put together anything longer lasting that a string of continuing resolutions after the current continuing funding resolution runs out Nov. 18 are “fairly remote.”

Speaking at a conference on federal technology and innovation in Washington today, Connolly expressed concern about the intractable state of the federal budget debate. Keep reading →