Education Department

The scrutiny over what federal employees spend to attend work-related conferences has continued to escalate after a recent salvo of letters to the secretaries of the Departments of Defense, Agriculture, Education, Health and Human Services and other agencies.

The letters, from Congressman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee he chairs, ask for a detailed accounting of travel spending in connection with 150 conferences. After analyzing “thousands of documents,” the committee concluded that the General Services Administration was hardly alone when, in 2010, it permitted employees to spend an average of $600 per day per employee to attend an over-the-top regional training conference in Las Vegas. Keep reading →

The explosion of records across the government, including those generated by emerging technologies and social media, is putting new pressures on federal information managers.

The primary challenge is managing the onslaught of records in a new environment, Alan Linden, a senior technology consultant at Electronic Image Designers, said Thursday at the annual FOSE convention in Washington, D.C. Keep reading →