Diane Sims

This is one among a collection of videos and essays from women who contribute to NASA‘s mission. They are part of the agency’s efforts to create a collaborative and supportive community of women at the agency, inspire girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and to encourage openness and accountability at NASA.

In 1995, after spending my entire life in the suburbs of New Orleans, La., we decided to move out of the city, settling 25 miles north of Stennis Space Center. At that time, I was a Special Projects Coordinator at an abstract firm which served law firms and real estate professionals in the New Orleans area. After commuting for a few years, it was time to find something closer to home, which is how I ended up at NASA as a Legal Technician in the Office of Chief Counsel. I have proudly been part of the NASA family since December 1998. I love it when someone asked where I work and when I say “NASA, more often than not they smile and say “Wow, that’s awesome.” Their expression reminds me of how privileged I am. Keep reading →