Department of Interior

While President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner continue to push ahead with negotiations over federal revenues and spending, federal workers have also been offering up ideas to curb government spending.

And the ideas of four federal employees are up for a public vote this week, the White House announced today. (The public has until noon, Dec. 21, to vote.) Keep reading →

Big data can drive big capabilities. But it takes day-to-day practices that can help build and sustain an analytics culture.

A report released today by the Partnership for Public Service aims to educate federal managers on how agencies can do just that. The report, From Data to Decisions II: Building an Analytics Culture, examines how to best use data – not anecdotes – to base decisions. Keep reading →

In mid-March 2012, a German court took a first step toward judicial regulation of the cloud. A court in Hamburg ruled that the file-hosting site Rapidshare must proactively filter the content uploaded by its users.

The ruling may well be the first of its kind. In America, for example, as long as sites that host content take down any uploads that infringe a copyright when they receive notice, they are under no obligation to filter content as it is added to the site. In contrast, the Rapidshare decision (which came as the result of a lawsuit by German booksellers) requires the site to filter out infringing content before it is posted to the Web. Keep reading →