State and local governments are using social media solutions for IT in virtually every area of government, according to a new report from Deltek.

The new report, Social Media in State & Local Government, a New Paradigm for Engagement and Innovation 2012, also suggests state and local governments will likely need help from contractors to do more, particularly in a handful of functions. Keep reading →

Although federal spending doesn’t offer clear data on mobile technology in government, it does demonstrate growth — but new, ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) policies could throw a wrench into prediction models. A wrench that might point to potential opportunities for government IT contractors.

Since dependable information resources such as the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) don’t track specific growth in the mobile sector, we had to use a few other ways to answer our questions about how mobile is the federal government today. Keep reading →

Deltek‘s $1.1 billion dollar acquisition, announced Monday by Thoma Bravo, may not have surprised those familiar with the private equity firm’s long history of investing in technology companies. But the timing of the deal and its price tag may come as more of a question in the minds of anyone who works in and around the federal government.

What could Thoma Bravo gain by spending $1.1 billion for a place in the government contracting business given the current spending environment? Keep reading →

When it comes to forecasting the spending by state and local governments on technology goods and services, it pays not to let the trees block your view of the forest. That’s why it’s important to look at the broader statistical average of activity as determined by tens of thousands of elected and appointed decision makers.

Consider the components of this far-flung market: Keep reading →

Given the hype around cloud computing, you could be forgiven for thinking that everyone in the government contracting market agrees on what, exactly, it is. They don’t. Keep reading →

Government contractors need to prepare not only for a more austere future for government spending, but also adapt to a shifting landscape that is favoring task orders over traditional acquisition contracts, a leading government forecasting group said today.

Among the forces reshaping that landscape are agency efforts to accelerate the delivery of technology and other projects. One way they’re doing that is by breaking projects into smaller, more modular chunks. That has resulted in a growing use of task orders, said Kevin Plexico, senior vice president for research and analysis services at Deltek, speaking at Deltek’s FedFocus 2012 forum today. Keep reading →