debt crisis

Witness: You just experienced a moment in time so rare, so thought-provoking, that everything else you’ve seen might just pale in comparison. Even if you heard nothing of the reports about the debt crises, you’ll eventually feel the impact, somehow. That’s because common sense tells us: anything times a trillion is a lot.

Within the last few days, the world saw a remarkable display–across divergent interviews and political parties, spanning a pair of sundry if sometimes subtly different worldviews–where the de facto leaders of United States politics played dumb on the biggest factor of all: the money. Keep reading →

Washington: Defense Secretary Leon Panetta made a safe choice and elevated the head of Pentagon acquisition to serve as his deputy. Ash Carter will lead the Pentagon’s enormously difficult efforts to cut the budget without gutting America’s military capabilities.

The nomination of Carter, who has won consistent praise from defense lawmakers for his oversight of the Joint Strike Fighter program and other major defense programs, was announced by the White House this afternoon. The deputy defense secretary runs the Pentagon day to day, oversees major acquisition decisions and serves as the department’s top finance officer. Keep reading →