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The U.S. Treasury has always been a place where people could find something green, but this time the term is not referring to money. The U.S. Treasury building has obtained a green environmental designation, probably the oldest federal building to earn one. It has reduced its operating costs by $3.5 million annually as a result.

If the Treasury, built first in 1836, can go green and utilize smarter systems management, then most of the rest of government should be relatively easy, according to experts in the field. All it takes is a little ingenuity, a great deal of effort and a desire. And a presidential executive order helps too. Keep reading →

Make the rounds with government agency CTOs or at any public sector technology conference these days and two words are likely to emerge in the conversation very quickly: big data.

Whether the discussion is around Hadoop, MapReduce or other big data tools, the focus to date has been largely on data analytics and how to rapidly and efficiently analyze extremely large and unstructured datasets. big data analytics is important for government agencies seeking to gain better insights into their data and make more informed decisions based on this insight, but analytics represents the tip of the iceberg in making big data work. Keep reading →