Darlene Boykins

I attended an all girls vocational public school in Washington, DC. During high school, I studied Secretarial Science, and in the 11th grade, I was asked by the Guidance Counselor to assist with after school office duties. I duplicated documents, organized and filed papers and reports, and typed reports from rough draft. In the 12th grade, I met the graduation requirements and earned a cooperative education (co-op) assignment with the Federal government. My 11th Grade Guidance Counselor recommended me for the assignment at NASA, where I worked half days while earning my diploma. My first day at NASA was very exciting and scary. I worked as a student aide to the Space Science office where I was mentored by the lead secretary. She groomed me to be the employee I am today. She was very exacting in her expectations and frowned upon anyone who made excuses. This began my work ethic training.

I learned early that if you work diligently, the impossible can happen. If assigned an unusual task, try to complete it even if you are not familiar with it. In every experience, you learn something and gain recognition as a productive employee, without expecting anything in return. Keep reading →