“The United States has built the most powerful military the world has ever seen, but we are not invincible. Information technology is a both an essential enabler of American power, but it is also our Achilles heel. And that’s why this project is so important,” said Virginia Congressman Jim Moran, referring to a new cybersecurity research center opened by L-3 and Virginia Tech in Arlington, Va., Oct. 5.

“Cyberspace is the soft underbelly of American power,” said Moran, who called the need for more effective solutions for cyberspace an “urgent national priority.” Keep reading →

The Obama Administration today announced a new set of public-private partnership initiatives aimed at combating the rising use of botnets.

Industry estimates suggest that one in 10 computers in the U.S. is currently infected by a botnet – software used by hackers to seize control of vast numbers of personal computers for malicious or illegal intent. Keep reading →

Earlier this year Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that Iran would establish a Supreme Council of Cyberspace. This was the latest action intended to strengthen Iran’s cyber power and defend the country against cyber attacks.

Sources inside of Iran have said that the council will be comprised of high-ranking Iranian officials such as the Iran’s Parliament speaker, Judiciary chief, head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, and ministers of Communication and Information Technology, Culture and Islamic Guidance and Intelligence. Keep reading →


The Department of Defense Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace has attracted its share of attention and criticism since it was released last month. Keep reading →

The Department of Defense today launched a new website to highlight DoD’s first unified strategy for announced on July 14.

The website is a being used as a tool to help explain and consolidate DoD’s cybersecurity accomplishments and describe the Department’s efforts to move forward for military, intelligence and business operations in cyberspace. Keep reading →