Cyber Warfare

As cyber security experts continue to look for more effective ways to deter threats, many see the battle over defending network perimeters has become a lost cause, and that new and more creative approaches are becoming essential.

What’s emerging, according to cyber system specialists in government, academia and industry, is a combination of strategies – some involving game theory, fuzzy logic, big data analytics as well as imposing the risk of costly consequences on attackers. Keep reading →

We have entered a new age of modern conflict. This new age is different from those we have experienced in the past and perhaps even more challenging. The military has dubbed cyber as the 5th domain and have embarked on establishing the capabilities for offensive, defensive and intelligence collection and analysis in this domain.

However, many are attempting to address this threat as they did traditional forms of conflict. Some have gone as far as to compare what has been called a cyber arms race to the cold war. Recent conversations and witnessed actions are cause for concern. Keep reading →

The risks from cyber attacks are not new. In fact, they’ve been around for about two decades. Warnings about the national security threat from cyber attacks are not new either.

What is new is the harsh tone of the warning messages that have been released lately. Keep reading →