Our Video of the Week feature showcases a selected video each Friday that captures the essence of innovation, technology and new ideas happening in government today.

This week’s video and text courtesy of FEMA.

Keep reading →, a relatively new social networking and collaboration tool, is throwing out that boring and time-consuming 20th century office meeting.

Gone is the urgency for face-to-face meetings, long distance conference calls, high-priority e-mail messages or communal gatherings at a high-end hotel in a posh locale, travel costs that are a drain on government budgets in these austere times. Keep reading →

Whether it’s building a workforce, expanding health IT or integrating ideas to achieve common goals across defense agencies, the need for results-oriented programs on rapid timelines will drive innovation despite dwindling finances.

To do so, however, may mean thinking far beyond the best practices government typically lives by. Keep reading →