Carlos Davila

Using analytics to make better decisions is taking root in agencies across the government, notes a new report, which explores how a dozen pioneers did it. The report, by the Partnership for Public Service and the IBM Center, also offers advice from leaders of some of those organizations that shows how others can make better decisions using analytics as well.

Investing in, and using, program evaluation has been a hard sell in many agencies for years. While evaluation is important for long-term program assessments, it can be expensive and take years to complete. But with new technology and greater availability of data, many agencies are beginning to take advantage of the value of existing real-time administrative data. This movement is called “data analytics.” And the immediacy of results is appealing to many executives. Keep reading →

The IRS, FEMA and a growing number of other federal agencies are turning the art of analytics into an increasingly powerful workplace discipline that is helping agencies and their employees improve their collective performance. Keep reading →