best of 2012

For all of the difficult and complicated issues facing the federal government in the past year, the commitment to Serving Citizens shined through.

Nine civil servants (pictured above) were awarded the prestigious Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal from the Partnership for Public Service. Keep reading →

As one of our contributors wrote recently, it is one of the most challenging times in American history to be part of a government bureaucracy.

A dysfunctional congress offers little or no support; agency budgets face gutting as the nation stares down a fiscal cliff; hiring freezes and the looming shadow of furloughs threaten to turn the government’s talent pool stagnant.
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With talk of a fiscal cliff and sequestration, what’s already typically known as the hottest topic in government became a scorcher in 2012.

Federal Spending has taken on more scrutiny than ever before.
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Federal leaders cannot escape The Cloud.

It’s possible every conference on any federal leader’s 2012 calendar offered at least one session on the topic for very good reason.
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The drive toward mobile technology reached race car speeds this year. Keep reading →

No doubt big data has been one of government’s big stories in the past year. Keep reading →

As we reflected on our 2012 coverage, a few issues stood out as particularly pivotal in today’s government community. We’ve gathered the best of our Breaking Gov articles highlighting those hot topics.

Big data, the cloud and mobile technology were clearly at the forefront of federal minds in the past year as powerful and promising tools to reduce expenses, increase efficiency and improve services. Keep reading →