BAE Systems

Richard Haycock, Director of Government for BAE Systems Detica, talks about the explosion in system, third party and open source data available to government .

He also describes how it provides an opportunity to offer better services to citizens, at lower cost and with a reduced risk of fraud and error. Keep reading →

In December of 2000, John Gannon signed his name to a document that is almost prophetic in its analysis of global security trends.

From the potential impacts of a U.S. economic downturn to the various drivers of what we now know as the Arab Spring throughout the Middle East, and the rise of extremist terrorist organizations in safe-havens like Afghanistan, the National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends 2015 study warns of almost every major international security issue faced by the United States during the last 10 years. Keep reading →

About This Program:
In this mini-documentary exclusive for Breaking Gov, award-winning journalist Dan Verton brings us back to the day that changed the world and traces the evolution of the homeland security mission through the eyes of three men who were present at its creation.

This is the story of the birth and evolution of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as told by the nation’s first secretary of Homeland Security, the deputy for counterterrorism on the National Security Council, and the CIA’s deputy director of intelligence, who would go on to become the first Staff Director for the House Select Committee on Homeland Security. Keep reading →