Annette Moore

I grew up in a large family, the middle child of seven children. My parents and grandparents were never remiss in reminding me of the importance of trusting God in all areas of my life and the significance of the opportunity to learn from every individual I would encounter. When I look back on my life, I consider my greatest accomplishment as completing my Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering after losing my mother to breast cancer during my freshman year of college. My mother was my cheerleader in life, the person who had the greatest influence on me. So the hardest thing for me was having the courage to continue with a dream that was born out of her hopes and vision for me.

As a young girl growing up in Houston, my parents exposed me to many different things. I loved the arts, and at a very early age I had a tremendous appreciation for theater, dance, and music. My love for reading and writing poetry and short stories stirred the creative side of my brain. There was a balance as well. I was very focused on academics and always wanted to be the perfect straight-A student. Early in life my parents taught me to study hard, make good grades, and always do my best. I was probably my worst critic when it came to my schoolwork because for me, failure was not an option! Keep reading →