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The much-anticipated Digital Government Strategy was released as a presidential memo on May 23.

It was worth the wait and certainly didn’t disappoint, delivering strong ideas and including many self-imposed deadlines. Keep reading →

You are the CIO of a Federal agency. The year is 2012 and your agency is about to transition to smartphones and smartpads. You have planned the launch meticulously. All known system, security, cultural and legal issues have been addressed. The tablets and phones have been issued and you have given the order to “go mobile!”

Within minutes the telephone calls (irony!) start coming in: Keep reading →

Like most everyone this past week, I was surprised, (although not shocked) when Steven VanRoekel was appointed as the new Federal CIO.

Vivek Kundra’s legacy(technically, he still is in office for a few more days) will be “Cloud First”, the “Open Government Initiative” and the proponent of “common APIs” such those used in Keep reading →

In Pittsburgh, Pa., there is an interesting phenomenon that that happens when the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers come together to form the Ohio River. It is called a “confluence.”

Federal IT is headed the same way. Keep reading →