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There has been a big focus on improving federal recruitment and hiring during the past two years, particularly for some mission-critical occupations. But this is only half the battle. More than ever, federal agencies must also spend time, attention and resources to retain key talent.

Employee attrition in the federal government historically has been quite low, but ignoring the importance of employee turnover, particularly in an environment of budget cuts and hiring constraints, would be a mistake for government managers, workforce planners and human resources professionals. Keep reading →

Last month marked the one-year anniversary of the Obama administration’s initiative to speed up the time it takes to fill federal job vacancies. So, how has government fared in the past year?

Overall, progress has been made in the federal hiring process. Where it once took government an average of 122 days to fill a position, it now takes 105. Keep reading →

How many job seekers say, “I want to work for an organization with a poor reputation?” Or, “I want to work at a place where employees don’t get any personal or professional satisfaction?”

Whether looking for a government job or a position in the private sector, the answer is the same. Not many! Keep reading →

I’ve watched a lot of football games over the years, but it wasn’t until this weekend that I fully realized just how obsessed we are with the highlight reels of acrobatic catches, elusive runs and bone-jarring tackles.

Too bad the same recognition can’t be bestowed on federal workers and the big plays they make every day. Keep reading →

Last week, my organization and Deloitte released a snapshot of the Best Places to Launch a Career in the Federal Government.

The good news for government is that a majority of new federal employees under the age of 30 report high levels of overall satisfaction when it comes to their specific jobs and agencies. Keep reading →

There is less excitement and enthusiasm in federal hallways, fewer water cooler conversations about where to find the best deals on food, and office noise levels have returned to normal.

These are telltale signs that the summer internship season is over. Keep reading →

Federal agencies may be limited in their ability to hire new employees, but as a human resources professional, hiring manager or senior executive, you should make sure that your agency continues to have a presence on college campuses even if you’re not actively filling jobs.

In the current climate of budget uncertainty, there may be a temptation to pull back on campus recruiting because you don’t have specific positions to fill. This would be a mistake. Keep reading →

Losing a key staff member can be quite distressing for a manager, especially in these times of budgetary and hiring constraints.

We’ve all been there, managing a fully staffed team only to learn that a valued employee has accepted a position with another organization. After overcoming the shock, attention must quickly be shifted to filling the position if you have the leeway to do so. Keep reading →