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Greg Garcia is not one to sit and spin his wheels. He thrives on speed, a little danger and the overall chase. So it’s little surprise that the bicycling enthusiast gravitates toward the intersection of information technology security and government policy.

“It’s speed, it’s endurance, it’s tactics, it’s strategy, and then there’s the adrenaline,” Garcia said of IT security. He was referring to the race to stay ahead of what he called the “bad guys” by anticipating their next move, a race that’s ultimately about safety and protection. Keep reading →

In the 1980s, Edward Amoroso was a member of the security design team for then-President Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, the program that sought to build a space-based shield to protect Americans from a nuclear ballistic missile attack.

Now, as chief security officer at AT&T, Amoroso oversees a strategic defense initiative of a different nature – securing billions of bytes of information as they travel over the airwaves and wires. Keep reading →