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Once, back when such events were in vogue, I helped lead a troupe of 100 executives on a journey of self-discovery in the rain forests of Central America. It was a very cool trip-and very costly. The logistics alone must have run into the millions, given the planes, jeeps, boats and more planes used to ferry the participants half way around the world, deep into the jungle, and back out again.

Was it worth it? Well, there were thoughtful meetings around the campfire. There were some frank discussions with the CEO. The group bonded – sort of. And one executive had either an epiphany or cardiac arrest when he accidentally bumped into me moments after someone flipped the switch on the generator and plunged the campsite into the inkiest nothingness most of us had ever experienced. Keep reading →

Three recent studies, one of which was reported here last week, confirm what many of us have long suspected: leadership in the federal government is overdue for a major overhaul.

If the administration is serious about cutting costs and driving innovation, then rethinking how supervisors, managers, and executives are selected, developed, and promoted must become a top priority. Keep reading →